[MUSIC] King ATG- ” Dammit”| @KingAtg8684

[MUSIC] King ATG- ” Dammit”| @KingAtg8684

Hip-Hop Artist, King ATG releases latest single, “Dammit”



There is much to say about someone who moves a lot in their younger years. Experiences are gained and adjustments made…opening eyes… inspiring things within us that some may never dream were a possible reality. Born Alexander Herrington, King ATG was raised in North Augusta, SC. He spent his first 12 years there before moving to Chattanooga, TN in 1998. During the next 13 years, moves were made to North Augusta, SC, Augusta, GA, Greenville, SC and Greenwood, SC. Currently, King resides in Augusta, GA. Through these exact relocations, experiences, and adjustments, he can tell you he was never moving away from anything…for his passion for music was something he always took with him.

“I love producing, mixing, and mastering music. I’m not a rapper. I’m an artist. I can take any instrument and create a song. I can paint pictures with my words. My music represents who I am. I don’t do make believe music. If I’m rapping about it then I AM about it, period. I don’t claim to be a gangster, thug, or tough guy. I claim to be a real stand up guy…a 500+. I demand respect because I give it. Music is in my blood and I will never stop….” ~King ATG


King ATG’s dabble in music-making started in ’98 with the move to Chattanooga, TN. He distinctly remembers his mother and sister frequenting a local recording studio. He recalls, “They would leave my brother and I home…wouldn’t let us go…but I have loved music since I could remember.” Is it possible the natural rebellious strike, to do what you’re kept from as a teen, brought about this monster of music mastery? Those that know him well would definitely testify it played a role in this young man’s aspirations to become what he indeed became. Patience is definitely a virtue of King ATG’s life and now it’s beginning to pay off.

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