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A Shot Heard Around The World

King Omega is a new face in the industry that needs attention. His passion for music is of a dedicated stature and his love for the music has no words. Little is known about this artist, but his presence is ringing bells in his home territory. Located in Bermuda bringing that Caribbean flavor to the table, Omega poses to be the next islander to make his name a worldwide phenomenon. Does Rhianna, Sean Kingston and Iyaz ring a bell?

King Omega brings his own flavor mixed with the Caribbean flow on his newest single (Kryptonite: Vibes Mix). The instrumental is a mellow tone mixed with a medium style bass format. The use of auto-tune brings out the high points of his vocals and “Caribbean Swag” shows with each bar. The comparison wouldn’t be of those before him coming from the Atlantic, but he sure can keep up with today’s industry….

Kryptonite: Vibes Mix is song that speaks to its audience, the message is clear that when times are tough, we must stand strong. Kryptonite plays a weakness with the superhero superman, so the reference speaks many words. Our own Kryptonite can be defeated if we stand strong or have a strong support system behind us. The message can be heard around the world as the music flows through our veins like the very blood that we produce. You don’t get much music this day in age that speaks to you on this level, but King Omega brings that vibe of positivity and turns our heads away from what we know as “Hip-hop” which can show all the negativity of the culture. This brings a new perspective and everyone young or old can relate. Keep your ears and minds open as you pass into a new dimension with King Omega’s “Kryptonite: Vibes Mix”


Check out King Omega’s “Kryptonite: Vibes Mix” below






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