[MUSIC] Krip The Don “Raw” | IG:@krip_tha_don

[MUSIC] Krip The Don “Raw” | IG:@krip_tha_don

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Terrance Gabriel Smith aka Krip Tha Don was introduced to music at a young age. His influences consisted of 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z, Wu Tang, etc. It wasn’t until he was introduced to the likes of Eminem and Cannibis where he was influenced to become the next face of the music industry. Terrance was born in Canada but later migrated to Trinidad where his parents are originally from.  Up to this point he resides in Princes Town. As time went on, he met some other aspiring artists, and this is where his influence started to grow. He later decided to start a group, and this is where “Blood Haze” was born.

To this day Krip remains independent as the group “Blood Haze” was disbanded shortly after it’s inception. With nowhere to turn for recording once he went on his own he didn’t know what to do. His passion and drive was eating him up. No recording equipment and limited funds he turned to his smart phone and start recording vocals. The quality wasn’t up to snuff and far from marketable but started gaining attention from other artists as well as fans alike. It was from here that Krip was able to purchase his own studio equipment and his passion brought him to this point.

Krip’s newest single “Raw” brings out the old school 90’s feel, the record pays homage to two of the greatest Ol Dirty Bastard and WuTang Clan. You can feel the 90’s vibe from the beginning with the instrumental down to the lyrics itself. Krip show’s he’s the one to blow up and be more than a local act. With the release of his newest project “The Black Carpet” his name just keeps gaining momentum coming into 2019 and the passion burns with this young artist.


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