[MUSIC] Mike Melinoe – “Insomnia” | @MikeMelinoe

Motor City’s very own, Mike Melinoe teams up with Kendra Sells & The Teeta on his single, “Insomnia”



Mike Melinoe, the Detroit’s conscious riddler and extraordinary painter is a demigod. Melinoe’s music exists in a plane that marries psychedelic sounds to the intricate chaos that can only be summoned by a computer. This makes him a great interest in music loving millennials. The song “Insomnia” that features  Kendra Sells & The Teeta is from the newly released EP titles “Oo.”

Mike Melinoe raps with an elevated consciousness about his life but eschews narrative for a collage of images. With impressive vocal elasticity, the artist treats beats as blank canvases rather than a series of lines waiting to be colored within. Melinoe sees life differently. Striving for greatness is only a matter of patience and persistence. He just wants to be known as a creative genius who stopped at nothing to see his art, from music to the paintbrush, evolve and inspire others.

mike melinoe


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