International Recording Artists, Namaste release their latest single “Trophy Girl” ft Dun D & Yaw Faso




Namaste touches on the belief that all humans share a spiritual connection. It’s that bond that brought together a range of musicians to form a production alliance. Once strangers, their similarities sparked a friendship that’s birthed a unique musical collective. All were born abroad but now bask in Australia’s sunshine. All share a mutual love for emotive vocals across all electronic-related genres. Namaste’s debut single “Signs” was released by Trice Recordings, a sub-label of the iconic Armada, and amassed over 900,000 plays across YouTube and Soundcloud on its way to reaching the #1 position on Beatport’s Drum & Bass Top 100. Disguised in anonymity, Namaste could be old or young in age, experienced or rookies in the profession. But none of that will matter when their blissful sound spiritually connects with you, the listener.





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