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Brooklyn-based Producer and Singer, Nerve Leak releases his new single, “Moon Pulls”



Born and raised in the brash river city of Richmond, VA, Nerve Leak started creating music as a personal outlet while fronting indie-post-rock bands throughout the Virginia music scene. Nerve Leak is Sam Friedman, 24-year-old Brooklyn-based producer, and singer-songwriter. His sound blurs the lines between experimental and pop music, with an anchor in lyrical themes that empathize with the very human experiences of love, loss, and self-doubt. His newest single, “Moon Pulls”, is about embracing a long-lusted-after lover for the first time and exploring the depths of trust and sex. Drawing on inspiration from the likes of FKA twigs, James Blake and The Weeknd, this song is led by hip-hop-inflected beats, soaring vocal samples, and lyrics evocative of dominant/submissive intimacy.

Before “DR34M5”, Nerve Leak self-released his debut EP, Disconnected . The EP featured dark textures and melancholic lyrical themes—buoyed by dance undercurrents, mesmeric ambiance, and driving sub-bass. Through the EP, Friedman brought together a collective of writers who interpreted his music with unique poetic works, which were then compiled into an e-Booklet and interactive blog titled Snow / Sun / Words . This international writing project, coupled with Disconnected, explored how the life of music can be extended in a society of convenience, consumerism, and a throwaway attitude.

It was an escape: a chance to bridge the gap between human and computer, with endless expression.


Nerve Leak
Photo by Christina Lan

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