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Platinum Hip Hop presents Chicago native, Nola Ade {pronounced Ah-Day] and her latest single, “Love”. The trendy thing in r&b/soul is to be emo, with slickly overproduced songs heavy with dark, coarse, moody, and often, quite frankly, depressing lyrics over synthetic sounds. We’re informed that somehow this malnourishment is “keeping it real.” In truth, sometimes what’s keeping it the realest is a ray of un-ironic optimism, an indefatigable faith in love, a little bit of sun in an uninspiring day, the music of singer-songwriter Nola Adé. 

     Nola Adé is the antidote to the melancholic bit of missed prozac doses that now passes for depth. The first generation of her Nigerian-American family to be born in the states, Nola is the embodiment of an immigrant spirit of hope and optimism, eagerly embracing the fresh opportunities presented by each new day.The infectious confidence and disciplined work ethic she was reared under by devoted parents are emblazoned on her rollicking melodies and in the fearless approach with which Nola Adé tackles the juggernaut of soul.

     Buzzing attention surrounding Adé eventually earned her opening slots for shows with national recording artists like Bilal and Avery*Sunshine, and a spot performing on the Lexus Versus and Flow stage at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. Solo performances at The Shrine, The Promontory, The Throne Room, The Velvet Lounge and City Winery Chicago has helped to build Adé’s audience, through innovative takes on modern classics like Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” and Chrisette Michele’s “Love Is You,” as well as Adé originals like “Love.”  Nola Adé has now landed on her destination, fully committed to this thing called soul with her exciting indie debut of The Love Dance EP. Please comment  below and follow Nola on all the social media accounts below.





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