[THROWBACK] P.T.P. – “BITTER”| @ptprecordz

[THROWBACK] P.T.P. – “BITTER”| @ptprecordz

Lyrically potent, exceptionally dynamic, fresh, and forthright – P.T.P aka Peter the Poet is a New York City-raised, Asheville-based emcee on the rise.

Known for his intensely crafted flows, soulful singing voice, and intrepid stage presence – P.T.P is blazing his own trail. Championing complex, poetic lyricism and musicality in Hip-Hop – P.T.P’s music orbits a precisely woven emotional core of celebrations of self, anxious rumination, and social critique. His distinct musical style bridges the gap between poets, songwriters, Trap-heads, and Hip-Hop purists – earning him comparisons to legends such as Andre 3000, Aesop Rock, and Deltron 3030.

His music has been featured internationally on both American and European Hip-Hop blogs – most notably on Upcoming Hip-Hop, OK-Tho, WeLoveThat, & GRNDGD – as well as spotlighted by local/regional outlets Asheville Grit, Mountain Xpress, DOPECAUSEWESAID, and 103.3 Asheville FM.

Always developing, always grinding, always pushing the craft forward – P.T.P creates Honest Art-Rap and Progressive Hip-Hop that encourages a pensive mind, a fine lyrical comb, and an indomitable spirit.

BITTER and the project it is a part of, is the result of processing substantial trial and tribulation. A sonic manifestation of wrestling with a self-loathed, scars left by fake friends, and the seemingly fruitless grind of the underground emcee toting a message, personality, and style that doesn’t quite fit in anywhere….. yet. Reflecting on my own flaws and shortcomings, but also my potential strengths and triumphs to come. The events of the past year made be bitter, pun intended, and there was no running from it. Inspired by this well of mixed energies, I harnessed these feelings – manifesting my inward spirals into my project also named ‘BITTER’.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ptpnyc/

SC: https://soundcloud.com/p-t-p

TW: @ptprecordz

IG: @ptprecordz

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