Houston Texas hip-hop artist, ShooterMac unchains his

latest EP, “Revolver”




Houston’s own ShooterMAC has a distinctive sound and can be heard on his latest compilation, “Revolver” “. Born during the emergence of hip hop as a culture, Kelven Hunter Jr., popularly referred to as “Shootermakaveli,” or “ShooterMAC” entered life in the 1980’s. Growing up in a neighborhood known as “Acres Home,” located on the well-known north side of Houston, Texas. The culture of Houston is heavily reflected in ShooterMACs southern drawl and authentic demeanor throughout the six tracks on the project as he relays his “Tales From the Dark Side” and exposes topics that most artists tiptoe around. With production from Big Boy Traks and Lyrd Byrn. This solid EP takes you on a rollercoaster of creativity from MAC.

” I think I developed an ear for music in my younger days while riding in the car with my dad. I remember when I heard “A Pocket Full of Stones” by UGK… that just did something to my mind…”


Influences came directly from the streets of Houston, as Scarface and Chamillionaire stood up for his home city. Life continuously threw ShooterMAC curve balls for being the new kid from the other side of town. As a result, he would often Isolate himself from the taunts, To remain focused, ShooterMAC would grab his pen and jot down the adversaries of life. He would lose himself in the hip-hop that bonded him with his father. Deeper. Over time, his rap passion became a fast -paced freestyle that he became known for- the controversial name “ShooterMAC”. The “MAC” stands for Move Any Crowd as this lyrical artist shoots his bars in a rapid-fire cadence.

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