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International artist, Tides releases his latest single, “G.I.L.T.



Tides is  a new-­ wave rap artist hailing from Brisbane. Starting in 2012, he developed his unique sound and lyricism. Tides has released his first studio set of works, combined in an E.P titled ‘Breathe’. Featuring producers and artists such as ‘Frame’, ‘Relta’ and ‘Forrane’. For a starting artist, he has managed to set the bar high for his future works, along providing himself with an incredibly strong platform to now use to further his career in the Australian music industry.

Tides live show is a mixture of party vibes and relaxing melodies. From start to finish you will be engrossed. he has played alongside local artists such as; Lane-Harry X Ike Campbell, 21 Hundred, Jesswar, Travy P and Louzeik in some of the biggest venues in Brisbane.

The latest single, “G.I.L.T.” is the acronym for “Get It Like That”. ‘G.I.L.T.’ is his latest interpretation of his ideology in pursuing what’s best for ourselves drawing inspiration from his recent break-up. When the producer, Divorare sent him the beat, Tides knew he could spit bars emotionally connected to him over it.


Be sure to connect with him because his energetic music is all you need to listen to for the rest of the year.











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