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Frank Knight (AKA Knizza) releases the innovative brash in your face shock valued heavy “Look At Me” Freestyle

Frank Knight was born and raised in the hotbed borough, Kings County (Brooklyn, NY). He is a self-determined creative, living his passion as a Hip-Hop lyricist and phenomenal performer, both locally and abroad. His message of hope and empathy is creatively displayed as insight about souls in a world that many don’t dare to take the time to understand having complex non-black and white mechanics. His charismatic personality continues to galvanize supporters. From the rise of impoverished circumstances to his rightful standing, Knight is a premier entity in culture today.

Known as Frank Knizza, his accolades to date include features on The Source, Jack Thriller, and That’s Enuff. Also, includes interviews by Générations FM (France), Mouv’ Radio (France), First Mike Radio Show (France), Itch FM (London), Fubar Radio (London), Hot 97;  to name a few.

A remix of the popular ‘ Look At Me’ cut by XXXTentacion, Frank Knight delivers another visual following up the ‘Nikon Vision’ release. Without shying away from his raw lyricism, he takes an approach of sheer shock value. Lyrically, he adds a no pun intended value to the impact of the lengthy bar heavy verse.

The visual tells a simple story of dark humor and tales through light expression. Frank Knight representing All Elements, MorValue Entertainment, and UGA meets all expectations of “WTF” awesomeness as he flows over this controversial instrumental with controversial witty wordplay. All we can say is; what a way to begin the end the first quarter.

“We know your mama sucked a dog dick for crack cocaine
You know your mama fucked a dog dick for crack cocaine”

The line that’s perhaps most cringe-worthy and sets the tone off for this song, dealing with some of the dark acts people had to and still go through from the epidemic of crack cocaine.

“Lose what you gained from bullet blitzes in that murder game, Touch down in the yard and realize you ain’t birthed to hang, Now you hang losing all that air in your Hernandez (Aaron Hernandez) lungs”

A very wordy punchline mirroring football terminology along with Patriots Player Aaron Hernandez’ incarceration to his fatal demise.

Take notice in a special cameo from legendary French Hip-Hop DJ & Producer; DJ Poska in the video. He’s hinting at the upcoming joint album in the works “Where I Made My Name” between the two.

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