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The Hype Is Real

High energy and dedication are an understatement when speaking about up and coming Seattle artist B. Cole. His lyrics mean business as he speaks from his heart. His passion with music surely shows with his grind, trying to make a name for himself in the deep underworld of the hip-hop game. The hype is real, and his fans are dedicated to the movement. B. Cole is taking the internet by storm and surely has proven himself in 2018. Coming into 2019 the question remains what more can we expect from this young artist?

Cole has shown over the last few years that he’s a force to reckoned with, his Spotify streams alone show that his music is the new wave. With thousands of streams online fans from all over are being introduce to the new #ColeMusic trend. Cole’s past hits include records such as “U KNOW IT” and “From Da Trap” off his 2016 release “Rich Define Hustle” project. This was a path opened for Cole as his momentum increased and name is like a shot heard around the world.

November 24, 2018 sets a new milestone for Cole, as he released his highly anticipated visual to “F’N WIT U” via YouTube. Video was originally released on “Respect My Region” publications website and social media reaching a whopping 20k plus views in just under 3 weeks. The record has been in circulation and reaching the masses and sits with 22k streams on Spotify.

The energy that Cole puts into his music and movement is impeccable. The internet is going crazy with various radio interviews, and various Spotify playlisting submissions, his movement is strong. The term “Ambition” is an understatement. B. Cole’s vision is clear as he lays it out in stone that he’s not worried about the competition, money is the mission. With passion and perseverance Cole is the new face of hip-hop. 2018 has been an eventful year for this new artist, but the doors that are about to open in 2019 are unimaginable for artists of this caliber. Witness the rise of the #ColeMusic brand in the years forthcoming.


Check out the Visual To “F’N WIT U” below


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