Blacc Cuzz Newest Single “Rush” is All About the Money

Just like the title says, Blacc Cuzz’s newest and sickest single “Rush” is all about the money. This engrossing hit is brought to you from the master wordsmith Blacc himself and the geniuses at Dream Big Empire. Bringing you the best trap rap hits since 2018, this masterful artist is one of the truest and purest in the entire industry.

BLACC CUZZTrue to Life Warrior

Blacc Cuzz raps about life in the streets because he knows about life in the streets. No stranger to drug dealing, violence, death, prison, and the police he has seen it all while growing up in the Lincoln Ave area of Pittsburgh, PA. Anyone familiar with that neighborhood knows it is a rough area and takes a true warrior to succeed.

Many of the things Blacc Cuzz has lived through would send many other men running for cover, but Blacc endured it like no other. Slinging bricks since he was 16 until a trusted friend betrayed him. This sent him to prison, and he raps about the story in his previous hit single “Turn On Me.” Going to prison did not stop Blacc Cuzz from dreaming big and starting his own label Dream Big Empire afterward. In the beginning, it was an effort to help local rap artists to succeed. However, after a few failed business ventures, Blacc realized the rapper he was looking for was staring back in the mirror the whole time. This was when he decided to sign himself to his label and started rapping.

Bringing you the Best Hits

In an industry that was watered down and lacking authenticity, Blacc Cuzz took the rap game by storm. His popularity was like wildfire and began to spread with his hypnotic beats and the dopest samples known to man. Combine that with the fact that he is true to life and can back up his experiences with real stories, and you have a rapper, you can look up to. From the bottom to the top, Blacc Cuzz has earned the right to be surrounded by money and to get a “Rush” when looking at it. Over the past two years, he has also dropped some other amazing beats that will get your heart pounding such as “Commonwealth,” “All On Me,” “I’m Rich,” “Thug Cry,” and “Turn On Me.” If you are looking for some deep rhythms and uncompromising lyrics, then look no further than Blacc Cuzz. He is sure to restore the lost faith of any true rap fan. “Rush” is only the latest and greatest to come from this master wordsmith, so be sure to keep an eye on this rising star as he progresses his career.  Don’t let other lackluster and fake rappers fill your playlists when you can get the very best of trap rap hits from the legend Blacc Cuzz. Dream Big Empire knocks it out of the park again with the insane hit singles brought to you from the “new voice of the streets!”




VISIT BLACC CUZZ’ WEBSITE: https://www.blacccuzzdbe.com/

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