Miami Native, Jay Shephard releases a new video and its the  “Real One”




Miami-based artist Jay Shephard releases a new video for the optimistic and inspiring anthem, “Real One.” He draws musical influence from multiple genres, artfully blending elements of reggae, dancehall, and pop to create his own unique sound. Jay Shephard’s mission is to lead others with the influence of his music. He hopes to guide his listeners through life like a shepherd guides a flock.

The golden-toned, high energy video was directed by multi-talented Troyton Rami, who is renowned in music internationally. Troyton Rami has won Grammy Awards for his songwriting and production on Sean Paul’s Dutty Rock and Multi-Platinum selling hit, “Gimme The Light.”  “Real One” features shots of Jay Shepard with his entourage, dancing and celebrating life as glowing gold sparks rain down. Flaunting his gold chains and a flame painted car, Jay Shepard shows his viewers that he has made it, and if they believe, they can make it, too.


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