Midwest Recording Artist, Valentino doesn’t disappoint with latest single – “Beautiful Nightmare”


Che’ “Valentino” was born on March 2nd in St. Louis Missouri. He and his family moved to Valdosta, GA when he was 5 years old. When he was 7 years old, he won states in racquetball where he then received numerous sponsorships to continue to compete (Pepsi, courtesy sports, 100 Black men of America, and Wilson sports.) By the time he was 15, he was ranked 1st in the state (won 3 gold medals at Georgia Games) #1 in the region, and #11 in the nation (won the bronze medal at Georgia Games and lost to #2 seed in a tiebreaker at junior nationals). Valentino also excelled in baseball where he never once missed an all-star team and helped carry his team in high school where he pitched and played center field. When Valentino was around 22 years old, he decided to move to St. Louis which is where his music career began. Upon moving to St. Louis, Valentino became involved in working in nightclubs where he got into marketing and promoting.

Valentino’s first major project started about 2 years ago with a group called “The Kommittee”. The Kommittee had an anticipated project that made it all the way to release until suddenly the group fell apart. The first record did not release, however that did not stop Valentino from continuing his dream and building his brand.

Valentino is now a solo artist with an EP entitled “Power of the V” and his two hit singles “Change your Life”  and “BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE”. The both of them are doing pretty well on Itunes, Google Play and Amazon. Valentino’s focus is to empower all women and show his ups and downs in his relationships- which all molded him into the solid artist he is today. 



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