Platinum Hip Hop presents the mega-talented Boston, Massachusetts quintet, Beano Boyz Crew and their latest single, Supa Model. You may remember these guys on the the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew, which premiered on February 7, 2008.

Photo Credit: Saint Vazquez
Beano Boyz Crew Photo Credit: Saint Vazquez

The musical genius and legend, Michael Bivins is the mastermind of the crew; not group, as he eloquently reminds us of that. The members of the Beano Boyz Crew consists of Thornell, Ralph (Codio), Donald (Simmons), Darius (Rutledge) and Marquis (Smitherman). Fellas, “Supa Model” is all about the ladies this time. We’re sure the hitmaker, Mr. Bivens will have an anthem for you real soon.  Watch the video and leave a comment. Be sure to follow them on Twitter  @BeanoBoyzCrew and on Instagram @BeanoBoyzCrew.

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