Top Flite Empire’s “Loop N Joop”,  described as “crazy different ” by HipHopDX



Top Flite Empire has a diverse appeal, from coast to coast and across middle America. Uplifting and energetic, the duo has a lyrical and creative sound. Despite challenges faced by both members through their lives, they have turned their adversity into a drive and passion that feeds their music. Their backgrounds, stories, talent, and drive draw fans in and give them something to relate to and enjoy — something that takes them to a better place no matter what they’re dealing with in their lives.

Top Flite Empire

 Top Flite Empire’s (Hypnautic and King Tef) unique blend of hip-hop takes listeners on a journey through a series of bad decisions and the impact of these choices.   Loop N Joop, produced by 2015 Grammy (multiple) nominated producer Dem Jointz (Dr. Dre’s Compton and Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable) highlights the ill effects of something that plagues a lot of us today…which is.. “what do we call it when you are really really drunk and really really high?” Well…you are now “Loop N Jooped”! Be sure to follow them on Twitter, @TopFliteEmpire and visit their website at http://www.tfempire.com/




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