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St. Louis Rapper, Najii gets “Personal” on his latest release


To know the St. Louis based rapper,Najii is to know his ability to play on words. Although he’s switched up the tune, his word play is still immaculate in this tale of love lost.

Personal explores Najii’s romantic side as he gets to know a woman intimately, and eventually loses her – all the while falling more in love with her. Although he is head-over-heels, his laid back cadence insinuates the pride of a man. Especially, in the midst of a woman, who is also prideful.

In this change of perspective, Najiip Person brings you back to your most vulnerable moment with a significant other even though you swore you didn’t take it personal. Take a listen to “Personal” and leave a comment to let the artist know your view.

Najii Person





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