Natalie Nicole Gilbert Embraces The New Music Industry With Six Singles

LA-based singer-songwriter Natalie Nicole Gilbert brings fresh nostalgia to the pandemic with the release of familiar international hits and brand-new music

The music industry is changing rapidly, and no artist embodies the new world better than Natalie Nicole Gilbert. The LA-based artist comes from a musical family heritage with a pianist mother who played with Liberace, a vocalist sister into love songs from every era, a brother in a rock band, and a father whose tech engineer mind lead him to work for Lockheed Martin. These influences meld together to create a sometimes raw and often ethereal soundtrack-ish blend of pop with soul and jazz influences that feel at once timeless and fresh. 

Rejecting a traditional album release and seamlessly hopping across disparate genres, the singer/songwriter’s latest string of releases capitalizes on the promise of decentralized music industry, remaining classic songs for the modern era and placing them next to her stirring originals. 

natalie nicole“In this new landscape, it’s a blessing for an artist to have strengths in more than one genre” – Natalie Nicole

From her sentimental rendition of 70’s FM radio staple “Vincent” to her uplifting version of Bob Dylan’s “Not Dark Yet,” Natalie is the rare singer who can reveal new layers of emotion in songs that have been around for decades. Equally impressive is her ability to inhabit lesser-known songs like Calum Scott’s “You Are The Reason,” which she performs with a conviction that makes the song sound like it belongs solely to her.

Natalie Nicole Gilbert reveals yet another side of her artistry with “Morning Light.” A collaboration with dance/tropical house producer Robert Eibach, this irresistible dance floor jam sits comfortably beside Natalie’s more retro stylings, proving that lines between genres mean nothing in the modern world. With an adventurous spirit, a gift for storytelling, and an unforgettable voice, Natalie is poised to be a major force in the music world for years to come.

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