New Orleans Native, Mansa Obi releases his latest project, “What Matters”

After surviving a thirty-Five-foot fall with his close friend August 16th, 2016. Four surgeries and a year of rehab later; Mansa Obi has emerged from the ashes to finish his life’s work. Known for his creation of Authentic Bounce (not to be confused with “Classic” Bounce) seductive melodies, blunt–commentary and creation of the bass-less genre. Mansa hopes to continue to push the cultures forward sonically with his album self-titled “Mansa”.

As a DJ and Producer Mansa showcases incredible attention to detail, with cuts like “Liberation,” alternating his rap flow with an incredibly soulful hook; while bravely placing the production in the background, to let the vocals function as rhythm and bass. Only to surprise us with rare 3 am New Orleans Bounce releases. Not many artists can do this, correction not many artists can think like this and to create such a compelling sound. Mansa Obi strikes for an organic and direct sound, no tricks, just honesty, and talent, as it also appears from the reflective and personal lyrics. Hands down, some of the most original and daring hip hop I have heard period; somewhere in between the old school (samples, soul influences…) and the new (tight analog beats, fat low end).








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