Pardon the interruption… Mr. Julian “Keyz” Thomas has just put the industry on NOTICE!  As lame and complacency exit stage right…enters Mr. L.O.T.P (Life of the Party) and resuscitates the energy that has been missing. The 21 year old Chicago Native, holds no punches as he lands body blows with his debut EPCollege Tales.” Make no mistakes, Mr. Keyz tells it how it is with every verse, as he takes you to class on love, trust, betrayal, and heartbreak. The introduction “Wake Up” leaves you drifting down memory lane; which immediately switches the temperature to inferno with the debut single “Girls”. A true institution of Higher Learning, GIRLS boasts Mr. Keyz incredible range as a vocalist while putting on display his strength as a songwriter and producer. Julian has the momentum of the industry with his foot on the pulse of his growing fancies and admirers alike across the globe. It is evident that Mr. Keyz’s freshman course in Heartbreak personifies the college life through the eyes of a young, talented, student of love.

Julian Keyz - Official

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