[NEW MIXTAPE] KID THE KID  – “K.O.E.” | @iiKidTheKid

[NEW MIXTAPE] KID THE KID – “K.O.E.” | @iiKidTheKid

Hip hop Artist, Kid the Kid delivers his debut mixtape, “K.O.E. on digital music platforms

Kane Shirley, also known from his stage name Kid The Kid, is a young 17 y/o American rapper whom’s origins generate from the underground of South Carolina. Being born and raised in Easley (City of South Carolina) he has faced hardship at the masses as South Carolina isn’t home to any main Hip/Hop cities. However, from the start, he has never let this hinder him.

 “I feel like unless you fail you’re not doing it right… like.. I feel like you almost have to fail to be successful, so when I fail I get motivated and inspired and that’s why it doesn’t really like bother me or anything like that..” ~KTK

With his versatile flow, sound and style – Kid The Kid have been on his mission for years now. According to him, he has only been taking music seriously for a little over 2 years now. His “come up” story is more detailed and unknown other than the conversation him and I had regarding his childhood problems which he wishes to remain private for now. In the present time, in just the past year, he has been working with labels trying to figure out his deal, he has also put out some hit singles accompanied with his first mixtape, “K.O.E.”. Also, Kid, The Kid is the first artist in his city, In the history of his city, to ever be on the radio!

Also, as we had the chance to talk with his manager, Joshua Hagood, this is what he said, “The next big thing is KTK … I mean we talking about a young artist that has never stop making progression. Me being his manager is one of the best experiences in a lifetime, just to watch someone come from nothing and turn that nothing into something. Even when his own family and so-called friends didn’t believe in him, he kept going like nothing fazed him. This artist that doesn’t have a limit.. and I think that has brought him a long way.”

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