[NEW MUSIC] Chain Bridge – “The Problem Is You”

Chain Bridge speak the TRUTH about consumerism in their latest single, “The Problem Is You”

Chain Bridge is a DC-based hip hop, funk, rock, and roll band that combines so many styles, it’s hard to quantify who they really are. But it’s easy to say this, they are awesome. Their beats are fat, their raps are original and well executed. Clearly, they are about to breathe new life into a tired music scene.
Chain BridgeLed by the incredible guitar stylings of BK – Blaine Kaltman Aka The Shred Master General, Chain Bridge brings the funk with hard hitting in your face hip hop music that defies idioms, challenges listeners on an intellectual level, and still gets the party jumping. Mr. Wil, BK Blaine’s partner in rhyme, adds a nice dynamic with a deep bass filled voice- playing off BK’s rhymes, ad-libbing when appropriate.
Check out The Problem is You- a critic of capitalism and our buyer obsessed society. The song is incredibly unique and yet still very catchy- with a message – everyone needs to consider. Get ready to drive fast and feel like taking on your enemies when you listen to FML featuring 6304. This song combines heavy metal guitar with bone-crunching rap and is simply one of the most “get up and kick some ass” tracks in hip hop today.
Look for more from Chain Bridge and the amazing artists they feature. These guys are creating a scene and injecting much-needed originality and talent into the hip hop, pop, and even rock and roll world.



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