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Boston native, Clem Lo pushes the boundaries of today’s music with his latest project, “FRE(n)ch”



clem loClem Lo was born and raised in the south of Paris, where he gets his first musical influences from. In his teenagehood, independent French bands like 1995 or l’Entourage become huge in France and inspire him to start rapping at the age of 13. Coming from a musical family, Clem Lo starts working in the studio with his father, his biggest mentor, and influence at the age of 5. His first instrument is drums but he eventually started playing keys with his grandmother at 6. When he meets the artist Areno Jazz in 2012, Clem decides that he wants to make a career in Rap. At the age of 19, Clem receives a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music and this experience changes his life.

Independent, but not alone, Clem Lo has collaborated with more than 10 artists in the last 3 years in the USA, including Mosie, GiantQueen, Lilacs, Goldspace, and Lick Neon.

His newest EP FRE(n)ch is an important one as it is mostly in French and pushes both the linguistic and musical boundaries of today’s HipHop. The EP is a reflection on the millennials and their desperate need to exist through social media, and the issues and violence this causes.






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