[NEW MUSIC] DiiJai- “Silent Treatment” | @iamDIIJAI

[NEW MUSIC] DiiJai- “Silent Treatment” | @iamDIIJAI

Atlanta’s very own, DiiJai serves a melodic dose  of “Silent Treatment”


German philosopher and poet Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche stated that “without music, life would be a mistake”. That seems to be the truth when it comes to talented song magician DiiJai. Born Melvin Rambeau Jr. in Athens, GA, DiiJai began to recognize his talent at a very early age. It was at the young age of 8 when he further realized that his life calling was music. Music is the universal language, the connector of all races, religions, and ages. Having the gift of music has been an honor placed upon the head of DiiJai and he has not taken it lightly by any means.

diiJaiDiiJai gained musical momentum by hosting a number of radio shows for a bundle of different radio stations including WBKZ 880 AM and WXAG 1470 AM, both located in Athens. Throughout his tenure, he began to grasp influences from all genres of music but has always held high regards for the music of artist such as “The Voice” Whitney Houston and musical icons Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, and James Brown to name a few. Listening to passionate bellows from songs such as “Can’t Get Over It (Depression)” and the power of “Stay”, it is easy to hear his influence by the greats of this artistry known as music.

With a resume that stretches from the local stages of Athens to Las Vegas, this is one artist whom not only embodies passion and drive but truly has a story to be told through the gift of song. DiiJai has graced the Democratic National Convention and University of Georgia Basketball court to deliver his gift of song to the world.

In 2010, DiiJai released his first mix-tape entitled “Independence Day, Vol. 1. This piece of work included cover songs from his favorite and influential artists. Being the hard and zealous worker, he quickly released a second body of work entitled “Testimony”. This mix-tape was close to home and heartfelt and touched on the impact of a failed engagement. One of the personal fan favorites from the collection is “In My Life” which is based on life struggles and how to overcome dark and depressing stages of life. Other works include “Independence Day, Vol. 2: The Frustration Of…” and “Rehab”, which will be released summer 2012 that which included compilations of his trials and tribulations thus far in life.
DiiJai is the dream artist, who uses the situations around him and that is personal to his heart, to draw inspiration from. His main goal is to be the voice of the voiceless, to heal through the gift of song, to be a beacon of hope for the tried and to show that it is not a mistake he’s still here fighting, but that it is apart of the greater plan to heal the broken-hearted.

The single “Silent Treatment” features on the mixtape, “Prologue: It Is What It is.” It is available on all digital music streams including Apple Music and Spotify.









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