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Raleigh, North Carolina native, Dolla Bill gives his

 fans nostalgia on single, “Old Schoolin'”



Raliegh native, Dolla Bill’s latest single offers a West Coast vibe, smooth backing track, metaphors and dope lyrics. This Hip-hop/rap track shows that he can present his showcase style, theme, and originality to any song.

Will Francis aka Dolla Bill started listening to music at the age of ten. His older sister owned a massive library of popular vinyl records and cassette tapes. These were his first influences that began to shape his musical awareness and creativity.

At the age of sixteen, he started learning how to play guitar, writing lyrics and emulating the lyrical themes and vocal styles of bands and front men that were popular among his circle of friends. He tried out for a few bands as a vocalist but didn’t have the right type of voice for the kind of music he was trying to cover. However, he began to evolve as a composer with emphasis on lyric writing and song structure.

Will graduated high school and earned an associates degree in English/Writing from the Sussex County Community College in New Jersey. In academia, he was introduced to authors, literature, culture, and ideas that were very different from those he had come up with during his teenage years. Beatnik authors/poets, existentialism, the music of the late sixties and both, European and American writers circa late 1800’s thru 1950’s were course curriculum. As a songwriter, this experience had a very significant impact on Will and his craft. This event marked a shift from a linear hard rock mainstream influence to a more intellectual or analytical approach with regard to theme, style, and musical composition.

What’s next for Dolla Bill?

After Will transferred and finished his studies at the William Paterson University.  He joined the real world and started working in the pharmaceutical industry. He continued writing, recording and performing original compositions/covers in the NYC open mic and showcase circuit. Furthermore, he auditioned and was cast in small roles for TV, commercial, voice over talent and independent films. As a songwriter, Will was able to record enough material for his first album which includes “Behind the Personas” and “Goin’ Wit Da Flow…” Personas were easy listening/lounge and singer/songwriter. From that point, it allowed Will to find his voice and a venue for his music.

Dolla has been featured on various platform such as – The Jared Rimer Show-986, THEMIX/Magnatune 2016, Artist First Radio Network 2014, SDC Radio Network 2013, ATLWEBRADIO-Featured Artist, A.V.A. Live Radio, RAI Radio. Also, a few mixtapes and blogs with music from his first and second album. Will Francis(Dolla Bill) was signed by Bentley Records on 09/20/2016 and has five commercial releases with this label. Currently, Will is promoting his album “Goin Wit Da Flow…” and new singles “Flippin’ Green” and “Old Schoolin.” He has been evolving as a composer and lyric writer and continues to write, record, promote and perform his mixes for the whole world to hear.

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