After a 4 year hiatus, Eminem delivers “Revival”


Fans from all walks of life, age, continents, etc. have patiently been waiting for a new album from multi-platinum artist Eminem. The last album that was released was his 2013 debut album the “MMLP2” which is stated to be a sequel to his “MMLP” that released in May of 2000, which by far is his most popular album with 35 million worldwide sales. It’s no secret that Eminem has been named the best-selling rap artist of this generation with numerous chart-topping albums such as the “Eminem Show,” the “Slim Shady LP,” and “Encore” to just name a few. Fans or as Eminem refers to them as “Stan’s” eagerly await what’s next for this highly talented hip-hop artist.

Eminem seems not to release too much information on to what he’s up to with his music but has been known to make various features on such singles as “The Hills Remix” by The Weeknd, “Best Friend” by Yelawolf, “No Favors” by Big Sean and more. The rap god also created a project with former friend and fellow Detroit Artist “Royce Da 5’9” creating the extra project and rap duo “Bad Meets Evil” which was a significant thing back in 2011 with hit singles, Fast Lane, Lighters Feat Bruno Mars, and Above the law.

In 2016, Eminem made his presence known with his 7-minute freestyle about the then-presidential campaign and now current president Donald J. Trump titled “Campaign Speech,” and the question lingered by “Stan’s” from all over, Has the real Slim Shady stood back up?

“Why Revival”

October 6th, 2017 everyone’s questioned when the rapper made his debut appearance on BET’s hip-hop cypher, blasting his aim at president trump. It then went viral with Eminem’s innovative marketing scheme, portraying a new drug called “Revival.” Confirmation by Eminem’s manager that the “Drug Commercial Advert” was letting everyone know of a new album titled “Revival.”

All Stan’s prayers have been answered by the rap god. Nov 14th, 2017 Eminem released his first and lead single to the new project titled “Walk on Water” featuring Beyoncé and it went viral! Everyone from all over including radio stations, blogs, magazines, etc. went nuts over the new record. One year since he made his track, and this was an amazing comeback by Slim Shady. On Thursday, Dec. 7th, 2017 the internet was set on fire when Eminem released his 2nd single from the “Revival” project “Untouchable” which is a 6-minute record discussing white privilege, racism in the system, and more.

So, with all the hype, the Shady Team has finally released a date for the “Revival” projects release date. So be sure to get your copy of his 9th studio album today.


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