Pop Artist, Eva Constance’s comeback lands her a Partnership Deal and a new single titled “Selfish”

Eva Constance is taking the music world by storm with her newest debut single called “Selfish”. Eva took a break after her last single back in October 2018 because she noticed she needed to learn more than she thought. She reimagined herself learning technique, piano, performance, and her new image. She’s now back with her new debut single to be set to release on September 5th, 2020. We asked Eva what her new single was about to get a background idea and she shared that, “Selfish is about wanting to be around that special someone for something so much that it ends up turning bad for you in multiple ways. Taking time away from other people and things is all about moderation and having time for yourself. There’s a saying that states having too much of anything is not good for you, and based on my past experiences with people and things, I believe in that saying.” We are certainly happy to see her back in the music game.

Here’s a snippet video of her single “Selfish”

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Eva also decided to team up with a new music app in the game called “LÜM”. Eva has teamed up with LÜM for an early release date on her single “Selfish”, but only for her LÜM supporters.
If you are not aware of what LÜM is, it’s a social music streaming application powered by a connected community of emerging artists, listeners, and music curators on the rhythm of what’s hot in the underground music scene.

Eva ConstanceLaunched in 2019, LÜM empowers creators to form personal connections with listeners through interactive features of a social media platform to build and grow their careers. Eva states, “I signed up for the LÜM app about a month or two ago, a while before “Selfish” was done, and I’ve read nothing but love for other artists on there. It’s a wonderful community and I am happy to be apart of it. They have many other artists from all over and so much talent. They also just recently teamed up with Ne-Yo to help make people more aware of this great app and the roads it can take you. You’ll be able to work with all kinds of artists regardless of status.” Be sure to connect with Eva Constance on her website, social media, and digital music platforms.

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