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Josh Waters Releases his Album “The Heart Suit”

Josh Waters, releases his highly-anticipated new album entitled The Heart Suit. Josh is one of the most important torchbearers for the new wave of RnB. He recently surfaced from a year-long Artist Development Residence program in Atlanta, Georgia with BNDWTH to drop 52 singles and 4 albums like bodies of work in 2020.

Josh WatersWhile in Atlanta, Waters teamed up with some heavyweight producers and songwriters at BNDWTH studios including WLPWR (, and Big Krit), Kevin Cossom (Beyonce, Rihanna, Nipsey Hustle), Marquis Rashad (YK Osiris, Chris Brown, Rotimi), Grammy award-winning production duo Milk & Sizz and more. The development resulted in over 60 records being done, which were narrowed down to 52 records, to be released every Wednesday of 2020. “The Heart Suit” is the first 13 of his 52 releases single.

Waters and his marketing team wanted a strategy that would highlight all of his hard work from the previous year, and showcase his growth. Revolving the campaign around a deck of cards seemed the perfect fit. 52 cards, 52 weeks. 4 suits, 4 seasons. Getting dealt a hand, and playing the hand you’re dealt in life. There is also more symbolism behind the suits and their correlation to the seasons. It is said that the heart suit represents birth, the spade suit represents wisdom, the club suit represents summer, and the diamond suit represents the season of growth. The heart suit, a season of birth, was the perfect beginning for Josh Waters and this amazing journey and body of work.

“Looking back on it, it was liberating because outside of marching in-band on a collegiate level, I have never worked so hard for something I wanted in life. I have a better idea of what the process looks like and feels like now, a complete growth experience. To have a team of talented people all working to help me towards my vision is life-changing. I’m used to working on my projects alone now I sense of what truly goes into a world-class industry-standard project”, says Waters.




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