California Native, Ladycharlene is the Female Hip-hop Artist on the Rise


Only a true Queen with many accolades can be called – a Lady. Louisiana born, independent hip-hop artist, Ladycharlene is one that brings diverse logic to the beat. This multi-talented artist produces and composes her own music that adds to her evolutionary craft. Ladycharlene performs at various venues in Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Jose -just to mention a few.



I can remember when I was a Lil Girl from the projects,standing with all the neighborhood kids rapping fast like Twista- just free styling.”



As early as the tender age of eight, Ladycharlene didn’t have any clue that music would be part of her life. Life was tough for the lady – choices had to be strategically thought upon – she decides to embark on what is more important – her education. Ladycharlene took a short break to pursue higher education and now she’s back with a vengeance. Now she packs a punch and delivers with her distinctive voice, and charismatic personality at all of her shows. Her eagerness to collaborate and network will take her to the top without boundaries.

Her latest single, “Don’t Stop” is a follow up to her album, “Next in Line” and it is making its way up on the most popular streaming site, Spotify. ”Don’t Stop” is a booty-bouncing anthem with hot lyrics. Press play and be sure to connect with her on most social networks.

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