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The Streets Is Watching

LKeys is back at it again! He’s becoming a very well-known household within the industry out there in Colorado. His single “Fresher Than Me” is taking the streets and internet by storm. The grind to be great burns with passion in this young artist blood and you never know what to expect. His overall style is unique and poses to be a real threat taking the independent scene hostage with a vast bars and skillful lyrics. The up-beat hard hitting instrumentals leaves the listeners waning more.

Blue FacesWhat would you do for them “Blue Faces”? This is the question that Keys asks for his newest single, “Blue Faces”. Blue Faces brings the club scene to the streets and the airwaves. Club bangers where so 2000 right? Well LKeys is bringing it to 2019! Ladies are dropping low once the beat starts there’s no stopping and people always shouting for more. On 1/8/19 the record was officially released on all platforms. What a wonderful way to start the new year, a hot new record! Could we expect some visuals to this newly released record? Only time will tell but one thing is for certain, this isn’t the end for LKeys.

The underdog is proving that no matter the odds that you can overcome the struggle. LKeys is a prime example and is a role model to some that feel like there’s no hope for success. Keys is putting Colorado on the map and continues to build momentum and bringing awareness to reputable brand. Record labels are a thing of the past when you have the drive that this man has. Taking the industry to a whole new direction and proving that hip-hop truly remains underground. The “Self Employed, Self-Signed” artist with the passion as a major recording artist can go the distance.


Listen to Blue Faces below








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