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Miami Rap Artist, Max Fortune delivers debut single, “Ode to Oden’s Son”

Born in Silver Spring, Maryland. Max Fortune, also known as MF, is a promising rising artist out of Miami. Raised in a remote village in Haiti til the age of five where he then moved to Florida because his mother sought after a better life. Ambition and dedication to his craft are the things that push MF to the peak of his game. Max studied under the tutelage of legendary musicians such as the great Timmy Thomas. With a pure love for music, MF intends to grow his supporters in order to show the world just what the new era of Haitian artists can bring to the table.
Max Fortune
“People hate on your successes,Turn the envy into blessings, Blind eye, keep em guessing, sneak dissing, they still checking ~ “Jean Michel”
Max Fortune is one of the South’s most precious undiscovered gems. Much is in store for the young Miami native and you’re able to keep up with MF on his journey. “Ode to Oden’s Son” is from the 7 track EP, “With All Due Respect.” Be sure to follow MF to keep up to date with the story of the future face of southern hip-hop by connecting with him on all social media outlets.

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