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Over the festive weekend, Mike G dropped Burton, a new single inspired by the legendary director Tim Burton



Mike G (born Michael Griffin) established a strong reputation as a creative force from the jump, first garnering international attention as part of the acclaimed, forward-thinking collective, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. the new single includes three different versions; the original, the clean copy, and a chopped; not slopped copy. Allowing everyone to sing along and jam in every way.

Ensuring Burton made its debut in full effect, Mike teamed up with Cyanide and Happiness animator, Shawn Coss, to create the most perfect collaboration for the artwork.  Burton is actually the leading single to Mike’s next featured project, Exile, set to be released in coming months/top of the new year, igniting the STEALTH FIGHTER campaign. Mike G has two more music videos from CHASE CLOUDS that we will drop before the year ends, with Burton as a teaser for what is to come. 2019 is the takeover year!

While moving around often as a kid, due to his parents serving in the Marines, Mike began exploring his interests in music as a teenager, going on to compose and record his first song at 16. From spending seven years of his childhood in Japan to singing in a choir to becoming enamored by his parent’s vast CD collection, he was surrounded by no shortage of inspiration growing up, soon teaching himself how to chop and screw music.

With his passion for DJing and pursuing music solidified at an early age, and artists such as Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Linkin Park, D-12’s Proof and JAY-Z serving as lifelong influences. Mike G began rapping and self-releasing mixtapes in high school. This move that led him to collaborate with a fellow Odd Future member, Left Brain. Soon thereafter, Mike G was introduced to Tyler, the Creator, and was later formally invited to join the founding members as part of the eccentric and innovative group in 2009. The following year, Mike G’s first collaboration with Tyler was released (2010’s “Timeless”), further cementing a promising future with the like-minded collective.

OFWGKTA soon embarked on its first touring opportunities outside of the Los Angeles area and continued building a name for itself, with the collective’s live shows drawing comparisons to those commonly found in the punk scene and placing them on a mainstream radar. In 2012, Odd Future released their debut album, The OF Tape Vol. 2, which went on to peak at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. In addition to touring the project extensively and recording new material, the group went on to debut its now-annual Camp Blog Gnaw Carnival (originally known as the Odd Future carnival), which has since hosted an array of acclaimed artists, including Lana Del Rey, Mac Miller, Migos, Kid Kudi, Solange, The Internet, A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz and more.

Through perfecting his live set and continuously growing as an artist through his work with Odd Future, Mike G has honed his talents as a songwriter, going on to collaborate with global brands, including Adidas Originals, Random Faces and, most recently, Zumiez.

Although OFWGKTA is not a touring group at this time, but rather an established brand Mike G has proudly had a hand in building, his experiences with his longtime friends and collaborators have opened his eyes to fulfilling his life purpose, which he self-describes as enlightening others through the creation of timeless music. With a driving force defined by the desire to share his emotions with the world and connect with fans through music.

Mike G is currently readying his highly anticipated solo debut, Stealth Fighter. When he’s not busy in the studio adding the final touches to the project, he can be found developing his very own marijuana based sugar and other weed products, aptly named Inda Clouds. To prepare fans for his eager return to the rap game, the free-spirited polymath and entrepreneur have shared his first new music in over year, most recently dropping his Chase Clouds EP on 4/20 and giving fans a glimpse of what to expect as he makes his evolved re-introduction as a recording artist. A tried-and-true Gemini, Mike G is ready to continuing elevating his career, happily keeping his head in the clouds for inspiration.



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