Houston Lyricist, Noir Conan releases his latest EP, “American  Ngtmare”

Houston, Texas native, Noir Conan is a Hip-hop artist, producer and music video director.  He was influenced by southern hip-hop, with motivations from the likes of Z-Ro, Outkast, UGK, Lupe Fiasco and many more. Just recently, Noir released the eight-track EP, American Ngtmare and it is filled with sheer lyrical truth and dope production. It is the follow-up EP to his album titled S.O.U.R. which is the acronym for Solitude, Only, Unites. Restoration.

In Noir’s early stages, he recorded many artists from his neighborhood. Noir has honed and developed his own experimental soulful style leading away from traditional Hip-hop as seen today. Noir is also the music producer for the majority of his own works, when not collaborating with fellow producers SNXXZ3 and ThisisDavidRuiz.

“Problems have been embedded since master was a confederate,

soldier planning our struggle the flags above you still showing

our situation ain’t growing you’re denying what we’re both knowing”

Also, adept in music video directing, his visuals have allowed him to work with a range of artists. With the untimely death of his younger brother in their neighborhood, Noir Conan devoted his efforts to bringing awareness to the emotional disconnect; that society has towards urban youth. S.O.U.R (Solitude Only Unites Resentment) was created to stimulate discourse around social concerns that have been trivialized and deemed minimal within society.






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