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East Coast Artist, Overdose releases his latest single, “Same Thang”


Rochester MN. native, Overdose was born on July 9th, 1989, but raised in Richfield MN. At the age of five, although he didn’t fully understand the message, the song “Gangster’s Paradise’s” melody inspires him. Overdose’s first love of music is the sound of the drums. Even though he wasn’t naturally gifted like some of his other classmates, he learns quickly that keeping the tempo is basically the gist of it. Unfortunately, he never learns how to read music at the required level.

Overdose gives credit to his late stepfather for his interest in music. His family used to entertain quite frequently, and his curiosity led him to the hip-hop greats such as; Bone Thugs, Biggie, NAS, Dr. Dre, Easy -E, Ice Cube, Big L and Big Pun. He is also intrigued by the legends of music like Al Green, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Prince, just to name a few. The party life only fuels his love for music and opens his eyes to Rock and Roll and Metal greats like Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, Metallica, Queen, and Janice Joplin.

After high school, Overdose fails to match his passion for music with dedication and ends up dropping out of (IPR) Institute For Production and Recording. Yet, this didn’t stop his dream. It only taught him that no one’s future is set in stone, and the only true way to success is with hard work, talent, dedication, and love.




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