Modern RnB artist, RJay releases his latest single, “One Day at a Time” 


Since his birth in 1992 music has always been a companion and constant feature in RJay’s life. His father a Congolese vocalist and guitar player undoubtedly added to his natural musical abilities.

“One Day at a Time” is an easy listening RnB track that showcases RJay’s ability to combine a mixture of genres into something rather unique. The track could be described as a slow jam yet it still packs a punch that plays on notions of old school RnB and elements of Pop and Urban.

While the drive has always been RJay’s, at the tender age of 6, he started to sing and play the guitar. This greatly impressed his dad who encouraged him to continue and strive. At the age of 10, RJay entered a talent show which showcased his talent to a broader audience. At present, this 27-year-old is a force who works as both a songwriter and a producer for various artists throughout Europe.

Voice, presence, appeal, he has it all. RJay’s single, “One Day at a Time” is available on all major digital platforms. Be sure to connect with RJay to remain in tune with his music.



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