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Rap renegade, Ron Oneal aka Black Bottle Boy teams up with SV Skee on latest single, “Kilo”


Ron Oneal, the dynamic rhyme singer has music running through his veins. He is a stand-up guy representing the L.E.S (Lower East Side of Manhattan, NYC). He’s one of L.E.S’ “Made Men,” a true good fella. He is a “BOSS” In the making. His hardcore lyrics, compelling stories, and powerful delivery make him one of the most sought-after emcees around. This magnetic rapper exudes confidence and has the skills to back it up. At times brilliant and at times daring, Ron Oneal is thoroughly engaging.

“Everything I’ve seen, done, felt, heard, been through, and witnessed I put in my music.”

Graduating from the infamous Seward Park High School and unlike your typical depiction of a rap artist, he excelled in academics specifically in the subject of math. When you hear the rapper, the mathematician doesn’t usually come to mind.

At 13 years old, he wrote his first original rhyme alongside his elementary school friend, right-hand man till this day, SV Skee. They grew up together in the L.E.S projects, and their shared love of music led them to create the duo known as O and S (OandS4ever) and been going strong ever since. The duo’s style fuses Oneal’s blend of reality rap and braggadocios lyricism with Skee’s uniquely melodic hooks, street narratives, and lady pleasers.

Ron Oneal didn’t always win. A few years back he got, what to him was his biggest shot, a coveted spot on BET’s 106 & Park to showcase his skills to the world, however, the pressure to succeed was so immense it caused him to choke. It was a hard blow, one he lived with for years. But he never gave up. Instead, he started grinding harder, drawing strength from his biggest inspiration and supporter, his mother!

Ron Oneal marks his spot in the industry

During All-Star Weekend 2015, Oneal found himself face to face with the rap star Rick Ross and unleashed a verbal assault and amazed the Maybach Music general. Scores of onlookers captured the moment on their mobile phones & tablets immediately uploaded the clips to social media. The freestyle video sent the Internet into a frenzy and received over 2 million views with over 1 million views on WorldstarHipHop alone. Ross exchanged contact information with Oneal and later featured a clip of that encounter in his “Movin Bass” video. Oneal didn’t waste time and got back in the studio with his rap partner, SV Skee & dropped “If Not Me Who” mixtape hosted by Power 105.1FM’s DJ Self and started performing in clubs around New York City. In Summer of 2016, Oneal was invited to MMG Estates in Atlanta to attend Ross’ pool party, which got him a short cameo in the video “Same Hoes.”

A few weeks later, Oneal released another mixtape “Son Of Rome” hosted By Hot97’s DJ Magic and continues to keep building momentum staying relevant. Equally important, every time Ron Oneal steps into the booth his goal is to create timeless music that resonates with the masses. Now he’s riding high on the release of his latest single entitled “Sprinkle On Them” and not only does he have a fire verse from the “BOSS” Rick Ross, he got his right-hand man, SV Skee sprinkling the hook, now that’s what you call true friendship “Loyalty.”

Ron Oneal is not your ordinary rapper and plays the numbers game very well. In fact, crunching numbers is something he often does when he’s not rehearsing rhymes in his head. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to press play!

Ron Oneal

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