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A Name To Remember

Shawn Archer is really becoming a name that everyone is becoming familiar with. His grind is relentless and his label, SKE Records, is also making Archer’s brand really pop. His latest singles Passport & Catchin Feeling’s took over radio and the internet, but his newest album “Everybody Won’t Make It” is really blowing up, Power Couple the newest single is taking the radio by storm. Shawn Archer is here and is the prime example that the grind isn’t easy.

The lead single from “Everybody Won’t Make It”, Power Couple, brings a new light to the world. The song is a vivid description of a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde in a bonding sense. Majority of the Shawn Archer hip hop scene depict women as gold diggers and or very vulgar terms which we will not state at this point, but you get what we mean. Shawn describes what kind of women he would love. In the record Archer describes an independent woman who is on her grind making moves for herself. A strong presence of a solo grind. When you combine two people who have the same mindset you create what Shawn was stating as a “Power Couple”. A power couple is two people with the same mission. A mission that they don’t need their significant other for. A grind that means they can put their heads together and build a powerhouse. This record could change the face of the new generation. A generation that is like sponges and take in what they hear. Shawn depicts the independent grind as the next wave. So, will this message be a strong message to the people? We believe so! The Bonnie & Clyde kind of relationship is something that every man is seeking as well as every woman. Let’s take the words Shawn was saying to heart and hopefully one day you can have that “Power Couple”.

Check out the new single, Power Couple, below today:




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