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Singer, rapper, songwriter and producer ThBenj is back from the Netherlands to release his latest single “Paranoid”. 

Singer, rapper, songwriter and producer ThBenj is back from the Netherlands to release his latest single “Paranoid”. The song was written and recorded during an unexpected trip to a studio in Harpel (in the vicinity of Amsterdam), after being invited to spend a week with a group of producers and musicians.
With a focus on positive energy and experiencing life to the fullest, ThBenj lives in the moment, and he’s a better artist for it. ,
ThBenj is a multi-instrumentalist, the Sardinian-born artist that draws on his mixed genre background to create music that is diverse and futuristic. Recognizing the importance of surrounding himself with the right team, ThBenj has built his career traveling abroad from his native island to places like Australia, Ibiza, and the Netherlands, forming connections with fellow industry colleagues and picking up valuable skills and knowledge that continue to inform his songwriting and production.
“Paranoid” was one of the many songs created during the trip and is the last single to be released from ThBenj’s upcoming full album, which is set to drop in June 2019. The song follows the release of previous singles “Manipulated”, “Waiting For You”, “Louder” and “Mumble Acid”, and is a bright, upbeat, free-feeling hip hop/trap/rap track with a big open sound.
“The main thing is you got to find the right people to work with. No competition, no BS. Just love for the music and always keeping the big picture in your mind,” ThBenj says.
“We all start idealizing our life the day we start competing with people, and it’s that day when we find someone bigger than us that we ask ourselves ‘How did he/she do it?’ We start planning a million things to make our life work out like their lives and then one day a little voice inside tells us, ‘Yo! Wake up! Focus on giving value and growing your personality and who you are.’ And you ask yourself ‘Why?’ They got the key. I have to learn from them and get the key like them. And the voice says, ‘Man, open your eyes. You don’t need to look for the key. You have the key and I can assure you that nobody can reproduce the same key and you only need to accept yourself, be yourself, and raise the fucking king’.”
ThBenj is currently preparing to release his debut album. Ranging from light to dark and touching on a variety of themes, it will take listeners on a journey through good times and bad, incorporating influences from multiple genres, including hip hop, rap, trap, and pop.
The album set for release on June 28, 2019, has already produced singles that have garnered attention from publications such as DOPECAUSEWESAID, Music Talks, and Indie Mixtape, and will also feature a few unexpected surprises.

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