Certainly, East Coast Artist and Producer, Trak’s latest single, “Rabbit Hole”

has a Message that You Should Hear





Pittsburgh native, Trak’s latest single, “Rabbit Hole”, is on his debut compilation titled “Golden Cages”. The tracks depict the thoughts and outcomes of an artist dealing with daily life woes. “Rabbit Hole” looks into the constant struggle to combat the adversities of life. Certainly, there’s a message to this skilfully-produced song.

If the legendary art form of emceeing is extinct and Hip Hop is dead, then consider the legacy born again. Trak is seeking to bring his international brand and sound to the stage of Hip Hop. He draws his inspiration from Hip Hop royalty such as Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem. He put himself in position to become the voice of Hip Hop across the world and with Hip Hop re-inventing itself, his likelihood of success is guaranteed. Trak is a fixture on stage and has opened for Scola (Grammy Nominated Dru Hill), Carolina native Horace Brown, and G-Unit affiliated DJ Woogie, Hoobastank, Accent, Hot Rod (G-Unit), Ryan Leslie & Sean Paul.


Trak is someone that you want to listen out for, just to stay in tune with his next move.

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