The Sipp’s very own, Tropikana releases his debut single, “Sum Bizness”

Rodney O’Bryant Pegues (born August 16, 1984), better known by the stage name Tropikana, is a local recording artist. Born and raised in Oxford, Ms, he first became Tropikanainvolved with music as a part of a group called ‘Untamed Piranhas’.
He received his stage name from an older family member which means respect, power, and humbleness.

Tropikana’s latest single, “Sum Bizness” is about his own personal experiences within directness. People that gossip about those whom they’re afraid to face. Some people are miserable and want to see others fail. The single is from a forthcoming album,

“The Bootleggers Son.”
” I noticed that I have been the topic of many conversation and this is my rebuttal”
After performing in local clubs and events in 2012, Tropikana began to explore more with his music, which led him to become a solo artist in 2013. His appearance and ability to tell a story in his songs brought attention to a lot of viewers. Over the years his music has matured. By staying focused, Tropikana is determined to spread music to bigger cities.
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