[NEW MUSIC] VICU-“COCONUT RUM” | @vicuofficial

[NEW MUSIC] VICU-“COCONUT RUM” | @vicuofficial

Pop/R&B artist VICU releases his new single, “Coconut Rum” ft. Honore 

Vicu’s latest single “Coconut Rum,” tells the painful story of lost love. It’s a story about wanting what you had, drowning in emotions, and finding solace only in a bottle of rum. Vicu has made a name for himself in the music industry with a loud sonic boom. He is a self-taught producer, audio engineer, and songwriter. His first EP “Complementary” dropped on May 10th, 2020, and has received a spectacular response and a growing fan following. “Blame It on Me” and “Somethin bout’ Her” features rhythmic pop sounds and modern edge songwriting. His smooth vocals and flowing guitar skills blend effortlessly with the stunning production.

As one of the top up and coming producers in the music industry, Vicu has been alongside different artists such as G-Eazy, Darrell Williams, and Jason Derulo. Most recently, he has worked with his production partner and engineer Matt Viers on Rihanna’s upcoming album under their Vision Matters Group production label. As a performer, he has performed at several notable venues including the Kennedy Center.

The beauty of “Coconut Rum” is that it can apply to any loss. We’ve all had moments where it feels like nothing can drown out overwhelming emotion. VICU’s unique sound captures this feeling perfectly in “Coconut Rum”. The song is co-written by Vicu Schek & Reginald Honore and produced by Vision Matters Group- Vicu Schek and Matthew Veirs.

VICU“This song was written with different situations and emotions in mind. I’ve learned to love myself, but before that, I had made my best friend my main source of happiness.

Things were rough at home -I was feeling very broken at the time. This is about the loss of a best friend and having to face me and finally accept myself.

Since then, I’ve reconnected with my friend. That time was an important life lesson that’ll stick with me forever.” -VICU

Being a self-taught artist, Vicu’s songwriting carries flawlessly into his production style. His honest songs about mess-ups, makeups, and everything in between drawing in the hopeless romantic inside of us all. This Washington D.C. native has a fervor for music that has aided his success in the music industry. His passion captivates his listeners and draws them into his storytelling and flawless vocal delivery.

“Coconut Rum” is available for download and streams on all major digital platforms. Be sure to connect with VICU on social media and digital music platforms.





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