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Christian Rapper YB Releases New Single “Dear Soldiers”



YB is an exciting artist originally from Pine Bluff, AR, however, has spent the majority of his life on the road not quite belonging in any one place. But despite a challenging childhood as one of eight children in a single mother household, he found the presence of God at a young age.

But despite finding respite in God, YB remained wary of Christianity for many years due to the level of commitment he knew it would require in order to follow Jesus Christ. And it was not until his college years, when a local college pastor in Camden, AR paid for him to attend a Passion conference that he decided that “his life needed rework”. YB surrendered all of himself, including his love for music to Christ and, and God began to rework for him from the inside out.

Through music, mentors and his relationship with his now-wife Tammy, YB found his calling to a pastoral ministry, along with a burning passion for using music to impact the lives of the next generation of God’s Soldiers.

YBThis message is brought to life in his stunning new release ‘Dear Soldiers‘ which is a stand-out release from YB and signals the journey he is looking to take his listeners on throughout 2019. Over the years the rising star has been determined to share fresh, engaging content to the youth of today. And ‘Dear Soldiers’ follows in the wake of his 2014 debut Christian Hip-Hop LP ‘Salvation’. 

Following a string of grabbing releases in the past several years, YB went on to make a major statement in March of 2018 with the release of ‘GSHS2‘ which peaked at number 20 on the iTunes Christian and Gospel Charts, highlighting the strength of his musical output.

In addition to spreading his love for Christ and music as a renowned touring artist, YB also serves as a staple for the community, where he leads outreach opportunities partnering with the local church. He is very excited to pioneer bridging the gap between music and authentic, disciple-making among youth. And with Dear Soldiers, he is well on his way to realizing that goal.

For ‘Dear Soldiers’, YB was very intentional about the natural storytelling sound to it. It offers listeners a very intimate peek behind the scenes of his personal struggles and insecurities both as an artist and person. The powerful track acts as an open letter to the listeners and allows him to let them know that no matter what social media shows you, he is a person who struggles just like everyone else.

All this makes ‘Dear Soldiers‘ a moving, uplifting and poignant song that will make music fans sit up and take notice. YB is an artist well and truly on the rise. Along with dropping the new single, he has also shared the cinematic music video for the track. The clip shot in black and white shows YB singing into the camera, recording in the studio and also follows his plane journey across stunning mountains.




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