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Bay Area Artist, Young Legend$ releases his 3rd single, “The Matrix” from the “Trials & Tribulations”  Album



Marco Pedroza, better formally known as his artist name, Young Legend$, is an aspiring artist from the Bay Area. His music creates a sense of realism while also integrating dark musical production to shed light on issues hip hop doesn’t address these days.

YOUNG LEGEND$His first official project “Trials & Tribulations” releases in January 2019. He wants to create an impact on those who listen while also having fun with it.  This album gives you an insight into the young mind of someone battling their inner demons and conquering them.

The message conveyed in “The Matrix” is that love is a drug. When you’re deep in love and your heart is played with, the world feels like a blur. You’re lost in your own matrix.

Music can create a powerful impact and that’s what Young Legend$ seeks out to do.



Take a listen:








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