East Coast Lyricist, Gamebr8ker releases his latest single “Put In Work”

GameBr8ker grew up in the DMV area in Virginia, the articulate rapper coming from humble beginnings. He and his younger brother were raised by his single mother, who constantly encouraged GameBr8ker to be an example for little brother to look up to while growing up. He was inspired by his mother who was a 3-time published poet, this encouraged and fostered a versatile artist to pick up the pen and write as well and put together words that would captivate and engage listeners and readers.

GameBr8kerGameBr8ker’s love and appreciation for music began from 2001 and, being the eclectic artist that he is, GameBr8ker focused not only on one genre, as he strives to think outside the box, working his magic across numerous genres, but GameBr8ker also loves to string together new and exciting sounds and finds inspiration across numerous musical categories. His inspirations are varied, from old school legendary artists such as Run DMC, Slick Rick, 2Pac, Biggie, and Lil Wayne.

When he began to rap, he listened to jazz maestros like Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, and Rockstars like Jimi Hendrix to pick up different cues and lessons to make his music as diverse as possible.

It was during the release of ‘Tha Carter II’ by Lil Wayne that GameBr8ker would not only begin to form his mantra and unique path for life, he would also begin to pick up the pen and write serious rhymes. Not only did this album teach him about wordplay and how to tap into the raw emotion listeners resonate with, but it would also teach him to never follow the rules set by society if your code was more efficient.

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