[NEW VIDEO] BRICEN MAC-  “God First” | @Bricen_Mac

[NEW VIDEO] BRICEN MAC- “God First” | @Bricen_Mac

Bricen Mac releases official music video for“God First” featuring Hux

Better known by his stage name, Bricen Mac is an American spoken word artist, poet, writer, and filmmaker from Danville, VA, and uses these platforms to publicize his art. They allow him to share a personal story of pain to progress in ways that spread positive vibes and energy to those in need.
Recently, Bricen released the visuals to his newest track. “God First”. Like many, he was raised to believe that putting God first meant to put myself on the back burner and have compassion for everyone else. It meant that he had to treat others with thoughtfulness, love, and kindness, but not out of selfishness. It meant that everyone else mattered and he had to “be good” by putting himself last. Bricen says of the track “Putting your thoughts, feelings, and desires last is like putting God last. When you believe that you must deny the real you because this is the good and loving thing to do. You disconnect from your truth and when you disconnect from your truth you disconnect from God. You have to know your worth and treat yourself with love self-care isn’t selfish. God lives inside all of us it’s not about religion it’s about a relationship.”
Traumatic events at the age of 5 years old left him scarred. Unable to stop the pain inside of him from growing, the journey from pain to progress began. Bricen began his journey by defining what happiness means to him -true self- love and inner peace. Bricen Mac hopes that the narratives of his struggle will help to lead people to self-knowledge, self-love, and most of all, inner strength. He started the slogan  From Pain 2 Progress to not only tell his story but also to promote positivity, knowledge of self and key values such as self-love, He explains his struggles in depth through his spoken words because he always states his struggle will be someone else’s strength.
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