International Recording Artist, Brulogy releases the visual to his latest release, “Prfct”



Brulogy also known as Bruno Fernandes is a Portuguese born recording artist. Born in Portugal, at a very young age Brulogy was influenced by different types of music genres and different artists not just from Portugal but also from the USA and other parts of the world.


In his childhood Brulogy used to enjoy listening to different artists from different genres such as Hip-hop/Rap, Pop, House music and Kizomba. At the age of 12, Brulogy moved from Lisbon, Portugal to London, England and this was one of his hardest times in life as he overcame the language barrier in which music helped him to overcome the stress of learning a new language.



Living in London, Bruno was introduced to more different artists and to different styles of Hip-Hop/Rap and at the age of 16, he started writing small verses. At the age of 18, Brulogy decided to record his music releasing his debut single “PRFCT”.



Snapchat: brunobmaf07

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