Platinum Hip Hop presents Ka’Million‘s new video, P*SSY IN THE ROOM. This infectious track is sure to start a fire somewhere in your ear canals! Watch the video,and be sure to purchase the single on Itunes today!

Known as the  “Boss Bitch”, Alja Ka’Million is blazing the trail for the next generation of Hip Hop female rappers. Her raw image and racy lyrics put her in a class all by herself. She has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names such as: Missy Elliott, Polow da Don, Dr. Dre, Dirty Money, Rick Ross and Trey Songz.

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A Jacksonville native, Alja Ka’Million admits growing up in the community of “Pearlworld” wasn’t always a walk in the park. She said some of her peers often started fights with her simply because she was different and attractive. Even as a child, Alja Ka’Million recognized the special gift that she possessed and she refused to allow her haters to keep her from developing her God-given talents.

Her big break came when she was invited to collaborate, as a songwriter, with Grammy award-winning artist and philanthropist Usher Raymond for Esmee Denters, a new artist signed to the Justin Timberlake’s label. This opportunity paved the way for Alja Ka’Million to develop relationships with producers and other professionals in the business.

Kamillion is an artist you had better get used to because she is here to stay!


Kamillion – P*ssy In the Room | @ItsKamillion

“PUSSY IN THE ROOM” ON ITUNES http://goo.gl/YynmFb

Directed by: Slick Two Three @slicktwothree
Written by: KaMillion @itsKaMillion
Produced by: TP @tpsuperproducer
Executive produced by: KaMillion & TMan
Mixed by Tom Cat @tomcatblack8
Rippahouse, BFE, Godnent Productions
Styled by: KaMillion
Makeup: Miss Brie @Missbriedidit
Set Assistant & Road Mgt: Dame Dozha @damedozha
For Booking: KaMillionTours@gmail.com



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