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Los Angeles based rapper Lewy follows up his 2015 album, From

Here on Out, with his new video “Summer Daze”



LA based hip hop artist Lewy released his debut single, “Summer Daze” from his new album, ‘Through My Eyes’. This summer single will have you vibing with all your closest loved ones. Lewy shows us that it’s all about love and blood, and having a great time! Surrounded by his family and friends, drinks, and some Cuban food from home, Lewy lives it up the best way he knows how.

Growing up in Southern California, Lewy started rapping and writing his own lyrics at a young age. Coming from a broken home and going through rough situations, He turned to music for healing. Music acted as an escape from everyday life. At 18, Lewy started to really develop as an artist and dropped his first album soon after.

“Family, love, and loyalty. Those three fundamentals are what drive this Cuban American artist to perfect his craft. At the age of 18, Lewy turned to music as a means of therapy to escape his troubles. Coming from a broken home and navigating through some rough situations, he fell in love with the idea of falling in love. Failed relationships shifted that vision and now he uses love and past experiences as his muse for his artistry.

“If you’re not willing to lose the good for the better, then it wasn’t worth it.”

Lewy’s music tells a story. He is able to blend captivating soulful rhythmic melodies with his lyrics to make sonically powerful works of art. He is shaping up to be a powerhouse and a major influence, not only in the music industry but for generations to come.

Go check out ‘Through My Eyes’ at https://soundcloud.com/lewymusic/sets…




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