Los Angeles Recording Artist, Robin Hemmingway releases her latest project, “All I Wanna Do”   Robin Hemmingway is an American singer, songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. At the age of thirteen, she picked up the guitar and began writing songs as … Read More

Nikki Hayes


Chicago native turned Arizona resident, Nikki Hayes delivers her latest single, “Stingray”   The comments run the gamut when they hear her – from the creative to the comical.  “Your voice just snatched my edges!”  “Why aren’t you famous yet?”  … Read More


[NEW MUSIC] JMMJ – “Two Part” | @JMMJ

Des Moines Pop/Hip-Hop Duo JMMJ release “Two Part”   “JMMJ” is a musical duo out of West Des Moines, Iowa. The two Midwesterners write and produce their own unique sound. JMMJ put out their first self-titled, self-released album in 2016. … Read More

Melodii Rozett

[NEW MUSIC] Melodii Rozett – “Took An L” | @melodiirozett

East Coast Recording Artist, Melodii Rozett releases the visual to her latest single, “Took An L”   “Boy you know you took an l when you left me.” Emerging artist, singer, songwriter Melodii Rozett makes a strong step back into … Read More


[NEW MUSIC] LAURIA – “MY LOVE” | @therealLauria

International Recording Artist, LAURIA releases new single, “MY LOVE”   Montreal-based singer Florie-Laure “Lauria” Zadigue Dubé awoke her passion for singing when she was only two. As a child, she was part of the choir of her church.  From her … Read More

Clem Lo

[NEW MUSIC] CLEM LO – “FRE(n)CH” | @clemlomusic

Boston native, Clem Lo pushes the boundaries of today’s music with his latest project, “FRE(n)ch”     Clem Lo was born and raised in the south of Paris, where he gets his first musical influences from. In his teenagehood, independent … Read More


[NEW MUSIC] GYPSY – “MADE OF STEEL” | @Gypsyismagic

Los Angeles Native, Gypsy releases her latest project, “Made of Steel”     Gypsy is an American artist who found her gift and love of Hip Hop after she awakened to the Magic of the World. Now she spreads Love, … Read More

Fragrance of Yah – “Vulnerable”| @FRAGRANCEOFYAH

East Coast Artist, Fragrance Of Yah’s album, “Vulnerable” is filled with Neo-Soul and more     Vulnerable is the second album from Fragrance of Yah! This album is a breath of fresh air in the Neo-Soul subculture of R&B music. … Read More

Aries Marquis

[NEW MUSIC] Aries Marquis – “Daydream” |

Baton Rouge’s very own, Aries Marquis delights fans with his latest single, “Daydream”   Aries Marquis was born April 20th, 1987 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Both of his parents come from musical backgrounds, so it is no surprise that Aries … Read More

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